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I'm living In Bologna, Italy.

I'm a freelance developer with specific experience in the development of multimedia applications, an interfaces designer. I teach Sistemi Interattivi at the school of New technology to the art of the Urbino Fine Arts Academy.

Between the late seventies and early eighties, I was part in the cultural life of Bologna. I founded Cineclub Angelo Azzurro (the most important filmclub in the city) and animate a little independent film distribution company.

Starting in the mid-80 's I am dedicated to designing complex multimedia systems. I wrote an author software, The Reading Machine, which allowed my company to realize under MS-Dos operative system, information totems and e-learning systems using various multimedia resources.

We also carried out numerous editorial publications distributed on CD-ROM. 

From the second half of the 90 's I deal with software and Internet application development under Windows platform.

Since 2002 I am lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts of Urbino and, by 2010, under the brand  Magicbus Multimedia, i'm freelance developer and I deal with custom Web applications and Desktop applications.


I teach programming for future web designers who attend the Academy of fine arts.  The main topics of the course are HTML 5, CSS, and Javascript. I offer students a site with which you can keep track of all your classes.

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Website development, custom Internet applications, desktop applications on Windows/Web. I created and am continuing the development of MagicCMS, a CMS written in C# that spring will soon be shared in the Open Source world.

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Open source

I write plugins for jQuery and ASP.NET. As soon as the documentation is ready, I will publish the beta version of MagicCMS, an open source library, written entirely in C#, that becomes a Visual Studio web project into a full CMS. I'm present on GtiHub and on

magicbruno on GitHub


I offer basic advice on Google AdWords and AdSense advertising campaigns, SEO and ranking improvement strategies, Social media marketing, Facebook applications development modeled on the customer's needs.


Web Design



Freelance developer

Magicbus Multimedia by Bruno Milgiaretti

Has worked with numerous customers including:

Cervelli in Azione s.r.l. (Via Ugo Bassi 11, Bologna, comunication company): design and realization of Archivio prove Invalsi (Dedicated web application based on Microsoft Sql Server Server and ASP.NET, 2014-2016). Realization of a number of websites including: 100th Congress of Club Alpino Italiano ( with online registration, management of members ' contributions to the preparatory phase, reserved area for exchanging documents (2015). (2015). (2015), (2012), (2014-2016), (2013), (2013), etc.

Ervet - Emilia Romagna Valorizzazione del Territorio s.p.a. (Via Morgagni, 6, Bologna, In-house company of Emilia Romagna Administration): Energy Site and Citizens (2013). Design, creation and development of subsequent versions of the desktop application environment management system for Micro enterprises (MicroSGA 2009-2013) Windows desktop Application developed using  Object Pascal (Borland Delphi) and Microsoft SQL Server. The application works in both a single user on a single PC an on local or remote network in multiuser mode ( Design and implementation within the European project Eccelsa-Life desktop application I Eccelsa Checklist (2012) that help the enterprise to make a diagnosis on the legal compliance of its production activities on the environment.

CNA (various venues): fFlming and video editing App Programming Course (ECIPAR, 2015). site (CNA Emilia Romagna, 2013). site (CNA Business woman, 2013).

Other customers: Palazzona di Maggio (2016), Artemis Communication (2013), Blue Sole (2012).

novembre 2009 - oggi

Professor of interactive systems

Academy di Belle Arti
via dei Maceri, 2 Urbino (PU)

Sistemi Interattivi (Interactive systemsis part of the training plan of Nuove Tecnologie per l'Arte  (new technologies for art) a brach of Accademia di Belle Arti. Its object is the theoretical and practical introduction to programming and multimedia developing. Main topics are: HTML5, CSS, JavaScript,  basic php. As a support to teaching I developed a site:

ottobre 2002 - oggi

Webmaster and database administrator

Consorzio Formazione&Lavoro
Consortium of education services
Via Rimini, 7 Bologna

Web mastering, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the company's intranet ( and of the brand site of the Consortium ( Redesign and improvement of the interface, the redefinition of some sections of the site that can now be modified by its staff thanks to a CMS interface, implementation of specific modules for data processing, realizations of dynamic charts, etc.  Used programming languages: SQL, Asp.NET, C#, Javascript, Object Pascal (Dephi).

marzo 2010 - dicembre 2012

Technical manager

NetWorkCom s.r.l.

Newworkcom focuses on application of information technology to communication and publishing. Under the direction of Bruno Migliaretti the company produces multi-platform products made with Macromedia Director and distributed on CD-ROM and many Web applications.

gennaio 1998 - dicembre 2008

Technical direction.

Cooperativa Magicbus

Magicbus s.c.r.l. focuses on computer projects applied to cultural heritage. Between 1988 and 1990 Bruno Milgiaretti writes The Reading Machine, an authoring Hypertext oriented program , who runs in MS-Dos environment and handles various media resources: touch screen, overlay video boards (able to be mix on a single monitor a tv analog signal and a pc digital signal), videodisc, videodisc recordable, etc. With The Reading Machine the cooperative Magicbus implements many information totems an multimedia self-learning stations (prototypes based on customized hardware, an standard products based on Sony media learning systems).

gennaio 1986 - giugno 1997